Mission, Vision and Philosophy



Our Mission at IMCH is to provide an inclusive, natural and sustainable environment that promotes respect, compassion, wellbeing and a love of learning in every child.


IMCH aims to be an authentic community in the Edmund Rice Tradition that promotes excellence in learning through the Montessori Philosophy. Our vision is built around our desire to help educate and provide children with the foundations to become independent, confident and resilient young people in preparation for their journey ahead.


We aspire to be faithful to the four touchstones of the EREA Charter while following the philosophy of Maria Montessori, which states “Montessori is an education for life—a learning process where children are encouraged to develop at their own pace in a safe and caring prepared environment. We focus on the Gospel values of respect, compassion and the fostering of wellbeing and confidence in every child, which supports their spiritual development. We develop trusting, respectful relationships with all members of the community so they feel a genuine sense of belonging. We aspire to excellence by being the best we can in everything we do for children, families, staff and the community.