Our Educators


Our professionally qualified educators are committed and passionate about ensuring your child is safe, respected, nurtured and cared for.


Our educators work as a team to plan, evaluate, reflect, and then use the information gained from this process to shape future programming decisions.

We have engaged experienced Educational Leaders who work with all educators to provide curriculum direction and to ensure children achieve the outcomes of the approved learning framework.

Role of the Montessori Educator

Our educators fulfil a number of key roles within the Montessori Prepared Environment these being to inspire, observe, facilitate, monitor, promote security and reflect. Our main role as adults is to be a model for the children and with this in mind, we seek to achieve the following goals.

1. To show respect for the child.
2. Support concentration in classroom
3. Support the child's quest for independence
4. Allow the child to act freely without infringing on the freedom of others (i.e. freedom within limits)
4. Model peaceful behaviour; and
5. Enable the intrinsic motivation of the child.

Our educators recognise that learning occurs in social contexts and that interactions and conversations are vitally important for learning