Child Protection

Child Protection

IMCH is totally committed to ensuring the safety of every child whilst at the Service and to being watchful and vigilant in detecting any signs, symptoms or allegations of physical, emotional or sexual abuse of any child by any person whatsoever.

IMCH employees have a duty of care and a legal obligation to carry out their duties in a manner which minimises the risk of harm to the children and to take appropriate action to protect the children from any foreseeable risk of harm. IMCH management meet the requirements of relevant legislation in regard to the protection of children. EREA Northern Region and IMCH have policies and procedures which meet the requirements of the legislation.

IMCH Child Protection Contacts:

Carmel Ellis - Managing Director - [email protected]
Erin Markovich - Assistant to Managing Director - [email protected]
Centre Phone: 07 3871 5000

For further information please download -
EREA Student Protection Processes 2021 (Version 1.18)
EREA Form C Student Protection Contacts and School Authority Details (02 06 2021) Version 1.4 IMCH (Word Format)